Cody Jean "Why am I single?"

The question I get asked a thousand times, and I used to ask myself daily is

“Why am I single?”

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked, “Why don’t you have a man?” I could easily be a billionaire within a year!

In the beginning, I thought it was me. I thought I was doing something wrong? I constantly made excuses for why my dating life (or lack thereof) sucks. Had I become a magnet for non-consistent, lying, unconsidered men? I lost weight, got a new do, changed my attitude and still no luck. I then asked myself, was it really me? And the answer is NO.  I had to realize my value and know who “I” am. Furthermore, I had to have standards I’m not willing to lower or compromise. I had to stand by my personal beliefs and spirituality, and I refuse to cut corners and settle for stupid plea bargains.

I’m single because I CHOOSE TO BE. Yes you heard it, I choose to be. I’m single because I will never allow a man to make me feel like I’m anything less than fabulous. Even when my skin isn’t perfect, my waist line isn’t the smallest, and my booty isn’t the biggest… I’m still absolutely and incredibly fabulous!

I’m single because I understand what God has for me, is for me.

Continue to enjoy life, pray for God’s grace and learn from every mistake along the way. Most importantly, please remember, being single isn’t a curse. It’s a free pass to live life in the fast lane, question-free, baggage-free and FEARLESSLY!!! And being single means it’s YOUR world and the door is never locked!

Just a little inspiration for my single ladies. (Fellas hold tight… I have something for you coming soon).

Cody Jean